Delta1trader Technology AG is a Swiss Asset Manager, headquartered in Zug and regulated by VQF. We specialize in providing systematic trading solutions, managing both proprietary and client accounts. We actively participate in the FX, Futures and Options markets.

Our vision is to become the leading Swiss Asset Manager in the Managed Futures and FX Hedging segment, measured in absolute percentage return on equity for our clients.

We maintain a portfolio of systems and models which we have developed over the years to determine which trades to take.

We understand that the markets are very dynamic. It’s a never-ending improvement process to do well over the long term and we are always committed to have the ultimate edge to the markets.

Our trading systems are continuously updated to adapt to changing conditions. We develop new models every week, to get a slight edge and stay on top of the latest developments in the markets.

All models are tracked daily. They are structured on a rotation basis, focused on timing in the markets.

Models that do not perform, get less allocation of risk. Sometimes, a model can also be placed on the side-line if performance drops below a certain threshold.

Models that perform well, have more risk allocated in that timeline. This way, risk parameters are constantly adjusted and working to achieve an optimal strategy. We work vigorously to avoid Alpha Decay – the concept that systems deteriorate over time as AI evolves and strategies become obsolete.

We view trading as a high-performance sport. Top performers have a clear goal every day in order to be the best in their segment and rise above the rest.

Company methodology


Delta1trader Technology AG
Grafeneustrasse 15
6300 Zug

Tel: +41 41 510 9592

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for here don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is Delta1trader Technology AG regulated?

Yes, we are a Swiss Asset Manager regulated by VQF. Our member number is 100729 and our membership can be verified by searching for “Delta1trader” in the SRO member search on the FINMA website.

Where will my investments be held?

Your assets will be held in an independent, separate personal (securities) account in your own name . Delta1trader Technology AG may only execute transactions in the investment instruments selected for you and collect the management fee due. Withdrawals are only possible to an account in your name.

What is required by you as an investor?

Delta1trader Technology AG would manage the account for you, so the amount of time spent is minimal on your behalf.

How long of an investment horizon should I have?

There is no lock up period when investing with our systems.

What is the account opening minimum?

Managed Futures minimum; $100.000

How much is the asset management fee?

We don’t charge any management fee. We only charge a 50% performance fee calculated on high watermark monthly net of commission and trading fees .

Trading commission or any other transactional fee is deducted from your trading account by the broker or bank regardless of the performance. There is no right to having the commission reimbursed.

Where do I find more information regarding investment risks?

Investing involves risks. A detailed summary is given in Risk Involved in Trading Financial Instruments (document opens in a new tab)

What will happen to my account, if Delta1trader Technology AG is taken over or discontinues its operations?

Your investments are not held in custody by Delta1trader Technology AG, but by the custodian bank or broker. This applies to both your cash and your securities (futures). If Delta1trader Technology AG is taken over, your account with our partner broker/bank will continue as before, and you will have access to it at any time. Should Delta1trader Technology AG discontinue its operations, your account at our custodian bank/broker will likewise remain intact until you close it or you assign the asset management mandate to a different asset manager.

What happens if Delta1trader Technology AG office suddenly close due an abnormal event?

Our trading systems don’t hold open positions over the weekend, and we need to turn them on and actively manage them each day. This means we trade and hold positions, only while we are in the office overseeing the systems.

The client has their own account held directly with the broker, which can be closed down any time. Liquidity needs from any abnormal event would not be a risk to the client’s trading account or capital. In addition, we have assigned lawyers that acts as back up for the company in any abnormal event. They would wind down the company if anything happened.


As a starting point, our policy is to meet with each client and establish a solid platform for the investment relationship. It is important to us to have complete clairity on all of the needs and risk preferences for our clients, so we can generate the best results.

The steps, documents and due diligence will vary depending on the nature of the products for which the client wants to invest. We value making the onboarding as simple of a process for the client as possible.

Managed Futures – the steps

1. Client opens their own trading account with one of our 70+ broker partners integrated with CQG Technology. For assistance and additional information please contact the us.

If already using an existing account, we will notify if we are able to work with that broker.

2. Sign VQF AML forms and Delta1trader Technology AG agreements.

3. Delta1trader Technology AG countersigns the required documentation and sends back to the client.

4. Fund your trading account.

5. The client receives confirmation when the account is funded. We are ready to start.

6. The broker provides daily statements with details of all transactions.

7. The Performance fee is billed on a montly basis and deducted from the client’s brokerage account, only after the fee has been approved by the client.

Required documents for Private clients

VQF AML forms, Client profile, Asset Management Agreement and Power of Attorney(to manage clients account).

Required documents for Corporate clients

VQF AML forms, Client profile, Asset Management Agreement, Power of Attorney(to manage clients account), Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Assosiation, Register of Officers(Directors or Managers) and Proof of Owenership.


As a Swiss Asset Manager, Delta1trader Technology AG is regulated by VQF Financial Services Standards Association. As Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) officially recognized by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), the VQF is obliged to supervise its members in their efforts to combat money laundering and prevent the financing of terrorism.

Our member number is 100729 and our membership can be verified by searching for “Delta1trader” in the SRO member search on the FINMA website.